Genesis Mining Starts Bitcoin Mining Fund, Files SEC Form D

Genesis Mining, a leading Bitcoin cloud mining provider, announced today the launch of a Bitcoin mining fund. Last week, Genesis filed Form D with the SEC for the fund, dubbed Logos Fund, which will target "high net worth individuals, investment funds, and accredited investors." According to Genesis, the Logos Fund investment vehicle gives investors an alternative...

OpenBazaar Release Fully Functional Testnet to Public

OpenBazaar has now released its fully functional testnet to the public and has invited people to rigorously test the system to ensure everything is functioning properly. When the testing provides sufficient confidence for OpenBazaar of the stability and functionality of the product, it will transition to the main net and...

Coinbase Permits US Customers to Buy Bitcoin with Debit Cards

Coinbase announced today the launch of a beta service allowing one percent of its U.S. customers to buy bitcoins with their debit cards. We’re very excited to make bitcoin purchases faster and easier. Today we’re launching a new Coinbase product (in beta) to users in the United States: Buy bitcoin instantly...

Greg Maxwell Sends First Zero Knowledge Payment over Bitcoin Network

One of the most prominent Bitcoin Core maintainers, Gregory Maxwell, has completed the first successful Zero-Knowledge Contingent Payment (ZKCP) on the Bitcoin network. The ZKCP protocol allows a buyer to purchase information from a seller using Bitcoin in a manner which is private, scalable, secure, and does not require trusting anyone....

Should You Bring Bitcoin or Cash into Canada?

Image courtesy @KittyBitcoin Vancouver Island, Canada Mainland Chinese use bitcoin to move capital out of China Following the August 2015 devaluation of the Chinese yuan Goldman Sachs calculated that mainland Chinese moved about $200 billion out of China. In January 07 2016 monetary changes by the Peoples Bank of China...

Coinsource Installs Bitcoin ATM in Central Philadelphia

Bitcoin ATM network, Coinsource, has installed a new bitcoin ATM in central Philadelphia. The new machine is located in the Philly Dream Shop on 254 South Street. Host business Philly Dream Shop, with doors open until 12:30 AM on weekends, is a popular store at the corner of South Street and S 3rd Street...

E-Coin Rebrands as Wirex, Launches “Bankless Banking Services”

Bitcoin debit card company E-Coin announced today that it was rebranding as Wirex and launching what it calls "bankless banking services" that bring the benefits of blockchain technology into everyday finances. Wirex will begin offering three main services in March 2016, mobile banking via Wirex app, instant remittance services, and "upgraded" two-way debit cards...

Kryptokit Releases Android Tablet Version of Jaxx Wallet

Kryptokit today announced the launch of its new cross-platform wallet, Jaxx, in Android Tablet format. The Jaxx wallet permits storage of both Bitcoin and Ether cryptocurrencies. Consistent with other versions of Jaxx, the Android Tablet version offers a single-page user interface with the added feature of a new landscape layout that takes advantage...

Japan Regulator Plans Treating Digital Currencies like Fiat Money

Japan's Financial Services Agency has proposed treating Bitcoin and other digital currencies in the same way as conventional currencies, according to country's Nikkei news service. The regulating agency's legislative changes identify bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies as conforming to the same functions as fiat currency. These changes will be offered during the ordinary session of Japan's legislature, the...

BitLox Produces Rugged Bitcoin Hardware Wallets

BitLox Limited is now manufacturing secure hardware bitcoin wallets. Encased in titanium and aerospace grade alloys, it features a multitude of privacy and security features including hidden bitcoin wallet support, duress PIN, AEM, quad password protection and others. Users can also use iOS and Android apps to manage their bitcoin....

European Union Plans Imminent Regulation of Digital Currency Exchanges in Counter-Terrorism Push

The European Commission plans to regulate digital currency exchanges operating in the European Union, according to a communication to the European Parliament published earlier in February. The Commission will present a legislative proposal to amend the Anti-Money Laundering Directive (AMLD) bringing "virtual currency exchange platforms" under control of regulatory authorities. The regulation...
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