AML and KYC in Cryptocurrencies for Finance

A cryptocurrency focussed on Anti-Money Laundering and Know Your Customer compliance is ready to begin trials in banks to bring the benefits of a blockchain-based currency to the banking system. Currently undertaking an Initial Coin Offering, AML BitCoin accepting every form of currency, both fiat and crypto, for investment. Investors...

Stellar Lumens Market Report: $XLM Goes Orbital

  Brief: IBM launches a cross-border blockchain enterprise with Stellar and $XLM goes orbital. Stellar Lumens (XLM) is up 108.31% in 24 hours, up 51.45% on the week and up 105.78% on the month on a last price of 0.00000677 BTC or about $00.03845607. The Stellar Lumens marketcap is $637,895,713...

Monero Market Report: $XMR Down -3.02% in 24 Hours

  Brief: Monero has dropped in price loosely similar to bitcoin in twenty-four hours. Monero is down -3.02% in 24 hours, up 0.29% on the week and up 6.62% on the month on a last price of $91.85. The Monero marketcap is $1,398,164,214 with a circulating supply of 15,222,256 $XMR....

SALT Launch Report: Binance $SALT Up 34.17%

Brief: SALT is up 15.00% in twenty-four hours, up 34.17% since launch on Binance. SALT launched on September 29 2017 with an opening price of 0.00060000 SALT/BTC. The SALT all time high is 0.00180000 BTC with an all time low of 0.00053900. Today's Binance SALT/BTC volume is 256 BTC and...

Renting Apartments with Cryptocurrency

New York-based Stayawhile is aiming to create a real estate platform to utilize blockchain-based utility tokens as a store of value and security measure. The company is building a global network of furnished apartment rentals for medium-term lengths of stay in order to reduce the difficulty in renting abroad. To...

UTRUST and Soma Partnership Upgrades Classifieds Business Model

Soma, an Ethereum blockchain start-up that facilitates trade in classifieds, and UTRUST, a payment processor solution that enables merchants to accept multiple cryptocurrencies from buyers as payment methods while receiving in fiat money, have announced a partnership to upgrade the classifieds business model. Co-founder Joseph al Sharif commented: “Soma is...

NEO Market Report: $NEO Down on Moderate Volume

Brief: Neo is down on Bittrex exchange leading volume. NEO is down -12.02% in 24 hours, down -14.96% on the week and up 2.08% on the month on a last price of 0.00688000 or about $31.64. The NEO marketcap is $1,582,000,000 with a circulating supply of 50,000,000 $NEO. $NEO/BTC is...

Zcash Market Report: $ZEC Up With Korean Surge

Brief: It is only a modest surge, but Zcash is enjoying the booming Korean market. Zcash is up 5.72% in 24 hours, down -8.64% on the week and up 10.72% on the month on a last price of 295500 won or about $258.15. The Zcash marketcap is $603,975,743 with a...

WAVES Market Report: $WAVES Up 6.33% in 24 Hours

Brief: Waves is showing a modest increase in the last twenty-four hours. WAVES is up 6.33% in 24 hours, down -4.54% on the week and up 4.16% on the month on a last price of 0.00117073 or about $4.91. The WAVES marketcap is $491,000,000 with a circulating supply of 100,000,000...

Digital Asset Market Reports: September 2017 Summary

Here are the bitcoin, ethereum, and altcoin reports that made market news in the last month. Tap or click title to read report: Bitcoin Bitcoin Market Report: $BTC Up 21.76% on the Week 2017-10-01 03:13:12 Bitcoin has climbed higher despite a spate of bad regulatory news. Bitcoin is up 5.12%...

AdEx Market Report: $ADX Largest Daily Gainer

Brief: AdEx is one of the largest daily gainers on Bittrex today. AdEx is up 20.46% in 24 hours, up 76.45% on the week and up 10.69% on the month on a last price of 0.00028339 or about $1.23. $ADX/BTC is trading between a 24hr high of 0.00028900 ($1.26) and...

Blockchain Based Cryptocurrency Project Supports and Democratize Game Development

A Southeast Asian mobile entertainment group, iCandy Interactive Limited has announces that it is backing Nitro, an independent blockchain based cryptocurrency project. Nitro is designed to democratize the video-games economy by making it easy for lay-people to participate in and benefitfrom, whilst bringing together stakeholders of the industry onto an...
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