New Nxt Version Launches on 23rd January with Data Cloud, CoinShuffling

Cryptocurrency and blockchain platform Nxt has announced the upcoming launch of its Version 1.7.4 on January 23rd. This new version will include new features of Account Control, the NXT Data Cloud and CoinShuffling in addition to smaller changes such as more regular block times. Benefits of the new version include...

NeuCoin Reports Successful Start to Initial Applications

With its first two consumer apps at just one month old, NeuCoin is reporting an excellent uptake on its Facebook game Solitaire Racer and Jango Internet Radio tipping service. Solitaire Racer is said to have over 25,000 users, with over a thousand more joining each day; whereas Jango is reported...

NeuCoin Launches Facebook Game and Tipping Platform

Proof-of-stake cryptocurrency NeuCoin on Tuesday launched its artist tipping platform on Jango Internet Radio and the multiplayer Facebook game Solitaire Racer. On Solitaire Racer, players earn NeuCoin (NEU) by completing decks, beating opponents and winning tournaments. By marketing to the tens of millions of players of other Solitaire games, NeuCoin...

Romania’s MaskNetwork Launch Testnet of Distributed Market / Social Network

Romania-based decentralized marketplace MaskNetwork has announced the alpha-release launch of testnet, which will be used by the community to experiment with the features of MaskNetwork before participating in the project. Opportunities available to be tried include multi-signatures, an integrated escrow system and other technical properties of the platform. The anonymous peer...
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Chinese Multi-Coin Exchange Yuanbao Adds Support for Factom Tokens

Factom, the blockchain-enabling records management project, announced today that Yuanbao, a Chinese cryptocurrency exchange, has added support for Factom's digital tokens, Factom has also chosen Yuanbao as its officially recommended partner in Asia. Launching in 2013, Yuanbao's exchange is one of China's largest mutliple cryptocurrency exchanges, with 18 coins having been successfully traded on the platform. Following...
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Pentagon Funded Report: Terrorists Might Use Cryptocurrency to Protect Own Cyber Ops, Break Encrypted Security of States

A report by RAND Corporation examines the capability of non-state actors, such as terrorist and insurgent groups, to increase their political and economic power through launching a digital currency for use in common economic transactions. The report, titled "National Security Implications of Virtual Currency", was sponsored by the US Department...

New Altcoin Available Legally in Russia and China.

Latvian-based company, Person.Money, established by Viktor Sinavskis, presented its in-house bitcoin analogue yesterday. Person.Money has stated that its new digital currency is unique in that it is legal in Russia and China, with coins, called Personcoins, generated in the system taking the form of real money. The company has stated...

Bitcoin Developers to Create New Cryptocurrency

A number of bitcoin developers and btcsuite creators have announced their intention to build Decred – a cryptocurrency and project which is aimed to fix problems that they say exist with project governance, the power of Pow miners and development funding in the bitcoin system. One of the developers of...

GoCoin, Ziftr Complete Merger Agreement

Cryptocurrency payment platform GoCoin and loyalty program provider Ziftr have completed a merger agreement. The combined company, carrying the GoCoin brand, will offer merchants a unified checkout system that processes digital currency and credit card transactions in compliance with PCI security standards and provides a hybrid wallet giving consumers the...
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