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Bargainroo Prediction for Blockchain Technologies

Bargainroo has made predictions into how the use of blockchains is going to develop in the future. The company expects that banks and many other large financial institutions will start to make use of the security and other benefits that blockchains offer; however, it will take a lot of work...
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Synereo Set to Expand to China

Decentralised platform Synereo has announced the launch of its Amplifier Program with a test group. Amplifiers have been deployed in various channels to make friends and participate in conversations about Synereo’s vision and technology. New recruit Yang Ciu of Action Mark, will be working with the PR team to roll out...
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Terry Pierce Joins Fluent from PrimeRevenue

Finance Magnates has reported that Terry Pierce, salesman at PrimeRevenue, a cloud-enabled supply chain finance solutions provider, and former second round draft pick of American football team the Denver Broncos, has joined blockchain start-up Fluent as its 12th employee. Previous appointments at Fluent include Chris Martin, Blockchain Architect, and Gus...
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Steemit Hacked, Reports Situation Contained

Steemit, the blockchain-powered social network, was the victim of a cyber-attack which resulted in around $85,000 worth of Steem Dollars and Steem being stolen from approximately 260 accounts. The hack is apparently now contained and user accounts and wallets are not at risk. Any users whose accounts were compromised will...
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Chain-Finance Distributed Ledger and Trade Finance

Yesterday, Chain-Finance held its Distributed Ledger and Trade Finance event in London. Focussing on the potential of blockchain technology to renovate and simplify supply chain management and finance, amongst other things, the conference discussed issues such as improving speed and efficiency, securing shipments and legal documents as well as barriers...
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Maidsafe Launch Community Engagement Program

MaidSafe, the UK company developing a decentralized internet platform, has announced its Community Engagement Program (CEP). The purpose of this process is to match developers with immediate and fundamental SAFE Network requirements in the form of a community funded ‘Kickstarter’ like process, desgned to encourage teams to bid for projects....
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IBM Blockchain Project with Crédit Mutuel Arkéa Manages Customer Identity and Improves Customer Satisfaction

IBM and Crédit Mutuel Arkéa have announced the completion of their first blockchain project to improve the bank’s ability to verify customer identity. The result of this pilot is an operational permissioned blockchain network that provides a view of customer identity to enable compliance with Know Your Customer requirements. Frédéric...
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OpenBazaar Release Version 1.1.7

OpenBazaar, the open source project to create a decentralized network for peer to peer commerce online, has announced the release of its version 1.1.7, featuring a variety of changes and bug fixes. Changes have been made for transactions, whereby ones that have updates to their status that need attention have...
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DT Token Released on C-CeX blockchain for travel

Drachmae has announced that its DT Token "Draco" has been released on C-Cex Exchange following its plan carry out a token crowdsale for its blockchain-based travel club. So far 10% have been sold, with 7,220,759 available. Pre-purchasing blockchain travel membership has also been made available, with bigger bonuses to early purchsers: •First...
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