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R3 CTO Says Single Global Banking Blockchain Must Be Designed from Scratch

Richard Brown, CTO of banking blockchain tech venture R3, has declared that successful, large scale blockchain technology for the global financial sector will require architecture that is designed from scratch. Brown notes that banks currently have their own ledgers that result in duplication that is costly, leads to inconsistencies, and results...
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Nasdaq Linq Issues Shares With Blockchain Technology

Just before the new year, Nasdaq announced that it had successfully completed and recorded a private securities transaction on its Nasdaq Linq blockchain. Initial Nasdaq Linq client,, who provide blockchain infrastructure to financial enterprises, documented the shares issued to a private investor. Previously, Nasdaq has announced its exploration of blockchain...
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Reserve Bank of India on Blockchain Technology

The Times of India has reported on the Reserve Bank of India’s view on bitcoin and blockchain technology. Two years ago, in December 2013, the Reserve Bank of India warned against using cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin, due to possible financial, operational, legal, customer protection and security-related risks they would be vulnerable...
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Magister Advisors Global Leader Survey Findings

Magister Advisors, financial advisors to international FinTech companies, has carried out a survey of a number of bitcoin and blockchain companies and reported on the findings, with predictions of what this meant for the future. Jeremy Millar, partner at Magister Advisors and Etienne Brunet, analyst at Magister Advisors, provided the...
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Quantoz Win Bird & Bird Challenge and Release New Report

Dutch blockchain technology company, Quantoz has revealed to Allcoinsnews that it has been selected as one of the winners of the Bird & Bird ‘Disruptive Technology Challenge’ for this year. Quantoz has developed software and apps based on blockchain technology and has spawned spin-off companies including Nexus, Happycoins exchange and...
Blockchain DApps Loyalty Platform to be Used by Boloro

International mobile payments processing network Boloro has announced that it has chosen's universal blockchain-based loyalty industry platform to provide a loyalty solution to its merchant partners. It intends to integrate the loyalty platform, including LoyaltyNetwork(TM) and SmartRewards(TM) blockchain and smart contract technologies, into its own product offering. This...
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Chinese Multi-Coin Exchange Yuanbao Adds Support for Factom Tokens

Factom, the blockchain-enabling records management project, announced today that Yuanbao, a Chinese cryptocurrency exchange, has added support for Factom's digital tokens, Factom has also chosen Yuanbao as its officially recommended partner in Asia. Launching in 2013, Yuanbao's exchange is one of China's largest mutliple cryptocurrency exchanges, with 18 coins having been successfully traded on the platform. Following...
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Ripple Underpins Distributed Ledger Trade Finance Project in Singapore

Ripple is participating in distributed ledger-based trade finance project in Singapore that involved major financial institutions in Asia-Pacific. The project is leveraging Ripple’s distributed ledger as the basis for a platform that tracks invoices that back loans to suppliers. The platform, built in Singapore, enables issuance of invoices into Ripple’s ledger to ensure client and commercial...
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Pentagon Funded Report: Terrorists Might Use Cryptocurrency to Protect Own Cyber Ops, Break Encrypted Security of States

A report by RAND Corporation examines the capability of non-state actors, such as terrorist and insurgent groups, to increase their political and economic power through launching a digital currency for use in common economic transactions. The report, titled "National Security Implications of Virtual Currency", was sponsored by the US Department...
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