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[Q&A] Bitnation Uses Ethereum Blockchain for Latest Projects

Today, decentralized government Bitnation coded its first, and indeed the world’s first, virtual nation constitution. Bitnation:Pangea was created in 140 lines of code during a 3 hour live session in Rio de Janeiro. During the event was the codifying its ‘Liquid Holocracy’ based constitution, and its launch as the framework...
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IOTA’s David Sønstebø – Using Blockchain to “Keep Data Honest” in IoT Systems

The team behind Chain of Things (CoT), a blockchain-enhancing Internet of Things (IoT) initiative, had a chance to chat with David Sønstebø, the CEO of Iota. Iota is a decentralized micro-transactions cryptocurrency developed specifically for the IoT ecosystem. The currency is built on top of a new and novel innovation called ‘Tangle’, instead of a regular...
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Factom, iSoftStone Plan Integration of Smart City Solution & Blockchain

iSoftStone, a China-based IT consulting firm, and Factom recently signed an agreement to integrate iSoftStone's smart city solution and Factom's blockchain-as-a-service technology. Factom, a blockchain-based distributed applications provider, will offer business advice and technical knowledge as iSoftStone, a technology consulting firm, shapes its blockchain strategy for its smart city solution. As...
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Monegraph Inc. Launches Monegraph Everywhere

Monegraph Inc.,  has announced the launch of "Monegraph Everywhere", its professional-grade software tools specifically designed for media owners to directly sell use rights to publishers, advertisers and other commercial customers. The next-generation media rights contracts and payments system has been designed and built for preserving and commercializing ownership rights of...
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Supply Chain Startup Skuchain Gets Funding from DCG, Fenbushi and Amino

Skuchain, a Silicon Valley startup developing blockchain-based logistics applications, has received funding from Amino Capital, Fenbushi Capital, and Digital Currency Group, according to a report in the International Business Times. Using the blockchain, Skuchain has developed applications that facilitate business-to-business trading and supply chain finance, including digital letters of credit...
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Alibaba Considers Blockchain for Alipay’s Cloud Service

It seems that even Jack Ma is hopping on the blockchain bandwagon. Alibaba's Internet payment service, Alipay, revealed at Shanghai's popular YunQi computing conference that it was considering blockchain technology for its cloud services platform. In its Cloud Service 2015 Year in Review published on January 19, 2016, Alipay also highlights the blockchain and...
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Microsoft Azure Adds MultiChain, Netki to Blockchain-as-a-Service Platform

Microsoft recently revealed the addition of two new partners, MultiChain and Netki, to its Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) on Azure. MultiChain, a solution developed by UK-based Coin Solutions Limited, enables organizations to rapidly design, deploy and operate distributed ledgers. The platform is so ready-to-use in can enable creation of private blockchains in minutes. These private blockchains apparently overcome bitcoin characteristics...
Blockchain DApps

PwC and Blockstream Form Partnership to Deliver Blockchain Tech Globally

Blockstream announced on Friday a strategic partnership with PwC to bring blockchain technology and services to enterprises internationally. Founded by important contributors to the Bitcoin ecosystem, Blockstream is working to extend the capabilities at the Bitcoin protocol level through the development of a sidechains mechanism. With sidechains, the company seeks to expand the Bitcoin blockchain...
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