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Blockchain DApps

JPMorgan Introduces “Juno” Blockchain Prototype with Lower Latency, Higher Throughput

JPMorgan on Friday revealed its own blockchain technology prototype at the technical steering committee meeting of the open source Hyperledger Project. JPMorgan executive director David Voell introduced the "Juno Digital Cryptoledger" and one of the developers of the prototype, financial technology engineer Will Martino. READ MORE ABOUT THIS STORY AT...
Blockchain DApps

Guardtime, Estonian Gov Developing Blockchain System Securing Millions of Health Records

Guardtime, a data integrity provider, is helping the Estonian eHealth Foundation to develop blockchain-based security, transparency, auditability and governance of the healthcare records of millions of Estonians. Guardtime will also bring their Keyless Signature Infrastructure (KSI) technology to all levels of Estonian eGovernment infrastructure through a frame cooperation agreement with the Estonian Information...
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Thomson Reuters Hiring Ethereum Blockchain Specialists

Global provider of intelligence, technology and expertise, Thomson Reuters are advertising for web software engineer with expertise in blockchain technology, signalling that it is going to be exploring the potential of distributed ledgers for its services. The Applied Innovation unit is responsible for the exploration of emerging technologies, including FinTech capabilities and blockchain technology....
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Eris Plays Major Role in R3’s Latest Blockchain Test with 40 Global Banks

Eris Industries, a blockchain distributed applications developer, played a major role in R3's experiment with forty banking giants. The Eris Platform and tools were tested by all 40 banks on different blockchains, including a fully-permissionable ErisDB (eris:db) blockchain and a Go-Ethereum (geth) private blockchain. In the experiment, Eris delivered a smart contract suite...
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Microsoft Azure Certifies Ethereum Developer Sandbox, Adds Alphapoint and IOTA

Microsoft's Azure cloud service has unveiled the first "certified offering" for its Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) platform. The certified software is STRATO, a developer sandbox for testing Ethereum blockchain applications built by Blockapps. The offering includes an API for connecting applications to private, semi-private (or consortium) and public Ethereum blockchains. Combined with the Bloc web application software development kit, developers can...
Blockchain DApps

Ascribe Partners with Tangent90 to Bring Blockchain Database BigchainDB to Medical Industry

UK software developer Tangent90 has partnered with Ascribe to enable healthcare industry organizations and professionals to track ‘value transfers’ including digital materials, physical items and payments through the application of blockchain technology. Tangent90 will use BigchainDB, a scalable blockchain database provided by Ascribe as the storehouse for transactions, data and copyrighted...
Blockchain DApps

BTCS and Spondoolies-Tech Receive Vital Approval for Merger from Israeli Office of Chief Scientist

BTCS Inc., a blockchain technology company who provide transaction verification services, and Spondoolies-Tech Ltd., an Israeli transaction verification server manufacturer, have received merger approval from the Israeli Office of Chief Scientist. This satisfies one of the two key closing conditions of the merger between BTCS and Spondoolies. The second key...
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