Matthew Warner

Based near Windsor, England, Matthew Warner is an enthusiast for innovative, cutting edge technologies. He is a B.Eng. graduate in engineering with honors from the University of Warwick and also holds an PGCE in education degree. Matthew is a member of Mensa.

BitFury Group Announce 16nm ASIC Chip Going Into Mass Production

BitFury Group, the prominent bitcoin blockchain infrastructure provider and transaction processing company, has announced its new chip, the 16nm Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) Chip, is going into mass-production and promises to bring significantly increased efficiency for the bitcoin network. This new Chip is reported as being four times as...

Bitcoin Developers to Create New Cryptocurrency

A number of bitcoin developers and btcsuite creators have announced their intention to build Decred – a cryptocurrency and project which is aimed to fix problems that they say exist with project governance, the power of Pow miners and development funding in the bitcoin system. One of the developers of...

Tone Vays Delivers Bitcoin Speculation

The final talk of track 2 on the second day of the ‘Inside Bitcoin’ conference in Seoul was delivered by Tone Vays, Head of Research at BraveNewCoin, which Vays described as aiming to be the Bloomberg of the cryptocurrency space. It was titled ‘Bitcoin Speculation’ and proved to be the...

The Blockchain Debate at ‘Inside Bitcoins’ Seoul

Last week, at the ‘Inside Bitcoins’ conference in Seoul, a group from various bitcoin and blockchain backgrounds took part in a discussion entitled ‘The Blockchain Debate’, with Jonathan Mohan, founder of BitcoinNYC, moderating. On the panel were: Makoto Takemiya, Chief Blockchain Officer at Tech Bureau and CEO of Dragonfly Fintech, Alireza...
Bitcoin’s Andrew Lee Discusses Broken Bitcoin Commerce

On day two of the ‘Inside Bitcoins’ conference in Seoul, Andrew Lee, CEO of Purse, took the stage in the afternoon to give his talk, entitled ‘Identifying Markets: Why Bitcoin Commerce Is Broken’. Possibly a puzzling statement from someone who runs a company that uses bitcoin! is a marketplace...

Infosys to Create Blockchain Technology Jobs in Ireland

Global IT giants Infosys Limited, providers of business consulting, IT, software engineering and outsourcing services, has revealed that it is aiming to create 250 new jobs in Ireland over the next three years in areas including blockchain technology and analytics. Enda Kenny TD, the Irish Prime Minister, said: "I am...

BitFury Group Appoint New CCO Jamie Smith

Bitcoin infrastructure firm and transaction processing company, BitFury Group has announced a new Global Chief Communications Officer in Jamie Smith, former Special Assistant and Spokesperson for President Obama and White House Deputy Press Secretary. Under Smith’s remit will be global media and communications in order to advance BitFury’s presence, the...

Paying Bitcoin Bills With Altcoins Via ForkPay Plug-in

ForkPay is a new browser-based plug-in system that has been released to allow people to easily convert altcoins into bitcoin to pay bills online. Although it is currently only available for Chrome-based browsers and supports 6 alternative cryptocurrencies, there are plans to expand on these limits, as well as to...

Creating Your Own Cryptocurrency With Ethereum

Alex Van de Sande, lead designer at the Ethereum Foundation, posted on the Ethereum blog yesterday to discuss recent developments in the Ethereum ecosystem and how they could benefit potential users in creating their own crypto tokens which have a number of different applications, from use as local currencies to...

ItBit Use TradeBlock for Over-The-Counter Trading Operations

ItBit is now utilizing TradeBlock as the order management system and execution tool for its over-the-counter middle and back office bitcoin trade operations. TradeBlock, who supply companies with execution and analysis tools that capitalize on blockchain technology, are also currently being used by companies such as LibertyX and Coinut. Recently,...

SEC Charges Fraudulent Bitcoin Miners – GAW and ZenMiner

Homero Joshua Garza has been charged by the Securities and Exchange Commission with committing fraud through his Connecticut-based companies, GAW Miners and ZenMiner, by undertaking a Ponzi scheme to pay returns to investors from new capital from new investors. Garza offered investors shares in the company, which was supposed to...

Cyberattacks Target Greek Banks reported yesterday that threats had been made by hackers against a number of Greek banks, demanding ransom payments to the tune of 50 bitcoins – currently worth close to $19,000. The group, called Armada Collective apparently sent the message on the 26th November that it would overload the bank...

Bittimaatti and Lamassu Celebrate Latest Bitcoin ATM Launch

Finnish company Bittimaatti and American-based bitcoin ATM manufacturers Lamassu have recently celebrated the launch of their latest ATM installation in Finland’s capital, Helsinki. Finland was the first European country to install a permanent bitcoin ATM, also in Helsinki, in December 2013. With the first prototype made in 2013, there are...
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