Janina Lowisz

Janina, also known as "Blockchain Girl" , has worked for a few blockchain startups since April 2014 and is also involved in the Digital Catapult. She has an M.Sc Management from BPP University with distinction & CMI award. Her longest involvement is in Bitnation where she is a co-founder and holder of the first blockchain ID.

Dynamis Creating Ethereum-Based DAO for Distributed P2P Insurance

Dynamis is a Ethereum-based decentralized application (DApp) being developed for provision of peer-to-peer (P2P) insurance. The developer of the DApp hopes to create a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that meets policy holders' needs in new ways and evolves with them, providing consensus mechanisms, transparency, auditability, and operating only in the...

Quelupa Plans Bringing Blockchain-Based Insurance to Latin America

Luiz Enriquez is the Head of Transformation at XBitV, and the Managing Partner for Latin America at Blackcombconsultants, a consulting group focusing on digital HR, finance and insurance transformation. Recently, he founded Quelupa, which aims to bring services like blockchain-based insurance to Latin America. First, let`s talk about Quelupa. What...
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