Hans Lombardo

Journalist, policy analyst, and evangelist of new, disruptive technologies including big data analytics, Internet of Things, and cryptocurrencies. Internet industry veteran with regional c-suite experience, and journalist credentials earned at internet.com, Internet World magazine, and Mecklermedia Corporation.

Building Consensus or “Kicking the Can down the Road”? – Scaling Bitcoin Hong Kong Showcases Core BIPs

The Hong Kong version of the Scaling Bitcoin workshop fulfilled its promise of delivering content from the leading developers in the Bitcoin Ecosystem. Although the bitcoin block size debate has been very adversarial, the spirit of the conference seemed more collaborative with occasionally heated, constructive debate over scaling the bitcoin...

Counterparty Launches 1st Dev Contest with 9500 XCP in Prizes

For the second anniversary of the Counterparty project, the Counterparty Foundation has launched its first development contest, called Devparty. The foundation is calling for developers globally to build new Counterparty integrations, with up to 9,500 XCP in prizes available. According to the foundation, the goal of Devparty is to produce new...

Bitcoin Markets Data Source Challenger Deep Rebrands as Kaiko

Challenger Deep, a provider of bitcoin industry data visualization, has rebranded its service as ‘Kaiko’. The new name is to emphasize the Kaiko's effort to dive deep into the data of the bitcoin ecosystem. ‘Kaiko’ was the name of the robot submersible that in 1995 explored Challenger Deep, the deepest...

Estonia’s Highest Court Orders Four Government Institutions to Give Opinion on Bitcoin Legality

The Supreme Court of Estonia requested in November that four government institutions answer eight questions regarding the legality of bitcoin, following a lawsuit brought by a Dutch citizen over police suppression of the bitcoin trade. In early 2014, the proprietor of bitcoin trading platform BTC.ee, Otto de Voogd, was ordered by the Financial Intelligence...
Blockchain DApps

Kynetix Transfers Commodity Title over Blockchain with Coinsilium Help

Kynetix, a provider of commodity settlement and physical deliveries platforms, revealed recently that it had successfully transferred title to a single lot of pepper using its blockchain-based Sentinel platform. The company's inventory management and delivery platform, Sentinel, is designed to link the physical economy and the financial markets by creating electronic records of title,...

BitPay’s Chrome app Copay Now Works with TREZOR Devices

BitPay's Chrome app, Copay version 1.5.0, now works directly with TREZOR devices. TREZOR permits bitcoin users to store their private keys on an external offline hardware device. The capability protects funds from accidental and malicious vulnerabilities the might affect devices connected to the Internet. When TREZOR users send money, they...

Blockchain Makes Major Upgrade to Receive Payments API

Blockchain announced a major upgrade to its Receive Payments API, introducing a seamless and direct way for merchants to process customer transactions and instantly receive payments. The new version of the Receive Payments API provides major improvements to transaction speed, security, scalability and merchant experience. How does it work? The...

Bitcoin Group Reissues IPO Prospectus, 3rd Time

Australian bitcoin miner, Bitcoin Group, has once again reissued its prospectus in its attempt to list on the Australian stock exchange. This is the third issuance of the company's prospectus as it attempts to respond to issues raised by the Australian stock exchange authority, ASIC. The agency insisted on an...
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