Bitcoin Flash Crash Sees Overnight -3.56% Loss

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A sudden Bitcoin flash crash has seen the price drop from a Binance close of $7380.03 to a low of $6909.00 in just seventy-five minutes. The drop saw more than -3.56% shaved off the price of $BTC:

Binance $BTC/USDT Chart

The price has stabilized at roughly $7000 for two fifteen minute sessions. It remains to see if this will hold.

Yesterday’s Price T&C 20
Alts tumbled along with $BTC shredding much of their short term gains -7.23% in twenty-four hours:

The flash crash is not without precedent and is reminiscent of bitcoin’s early years. Double digit flash crash losses and then gains have not been uncommon. Not for the faint of heart, the dip will provide ample opportunity for those traders not averse to risk. $BTC/USDT Last Price
2018-09-05 04:41:17
Last Price $6,961.75
24h Change -371.47 -5.07%
24h High 7,410.00
24h Low 6,909.00
24h Volume 343,422,159.82 USDT

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