Bitcoin Cash $BCH Forecast: Weekend Edition: Top Ten Market Cap Gainer

September 01 2018 21:08 UTC

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This edition features popular Bitcoin Cash $BCH price views from @TheCryptoDog @nulltxnews & @bitcoinsguide. Or jump right to today’s Bitcoin Cash $BCH Forecast.


View: bullish


The Crypto Dog of @TheCryptoDog commits "$BCH one of the few alts to not yet lift off from the bottom. I like the bullish divergence. "
Published: August 27, 2018


View: neutral


JP Buntinx of @nulltxnews scribbles "the Bitcoin Cash price which has more people excited, primarily thanks to its strong 24-hour gains [and] traders will begin taking profits eventually, especially when double-digit percentile gains are being noted. For the Bitcoin Cash price, remaining above $600 will not be too difficult, although a small correction appears inevitable"


View: neutral


Azeez M of @bitcoinsguide inscribes "The featuring of lower highs is most likely to occur in the next trading sessions of this crypto. A bullish market can occur in a near time as most of the lower lows have appeared as been foundations for a return of bulls playing back into the market. In that light, traders may be on the lookout for long entries."

Bitcoin Cash $BCH Forecast

on Saturday September 01 2018 21:08 UTC


The crypto pundits say: “bullish/neutral/neutral/”.

Our top down results are one bullish and two neutral. The bullish is actually a forecast from late August by @TheCryptoDog who hit the nail on the head. Maybe worth a follow – how could 89.6k crypto followers be wrong?

On the flip side JP Buntinx while pretentiously claiming he is “one of the world’s leading freelance Bitcoin writers” in fact appears to offer dull, tedious and meandering prose. Perhaps not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

On the positive side, the ‘Three Bulls Award’ goes to @TheCryptoDog today.

Binance data at the time of writing is:

Last price $617.59
24h Change 75.09 +13.84%
24h High 633.31
24h Low 540.79
24h Volume 30,071,812.07 USD

Have a good weekend 🙂

[legal disclaimer] Just one news report can invalidate a technical analysis.


The author does not hold Bitcoin Cash $BCH at the time of writing.

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