MIOTA $IOTA Forecast: Midweek Edition: Strong Bullish

August 29 2018 18:28 UTC

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This edition features popular MIOTA $IOTA technical analyses from @FXSCrypto @investingcom & @EtherWorldNews. Or jump right to today’s MIOTA $IOTA Forecast.

@FXSCrypto Analysis

View: bullish


Tanya Abrosimova of @FXSCrypto propounds "IOTA is one of the best-performing coins this week with over 12% gains on a daily basis [and] The first resistance level is created at $0.7850 by DMA5; once it is broken, the price might continue the upside towards ultimate $1.00"

@investingcom Analysis

View: bullish


Automated Signal of @investingcom corresponds "IOT/USD Bitfinex Technical Analysis
Daily Data View*

Moving Averages:Neutral > Buy (6) Sell (6)
Technical Indicators:Strong Buy > Buy (6)Sell (1)"
*signal differs by time period selected

Published: August 29 2018 14:10:16 – Real-time Data

@EtherWorldNews Analysis

View: bullish


Nick Chong of @EtherWorldNews reads "the asset reclaiming its spot as the 10th largest crypto, ousting TRX for the first time in weeks. Many optimists expect for the price of the asset to continue higher, as the development of the IOTA ecosystem remains a hot topic in this industry"

MIOTA $IOTA Forecast

on Wednesday August 29 2018 18:28 UTC


The crypto pundits say: “bullish/bullish/bullish/”.

Our three experts all weigh in with bullish views on $IOTA. What could be better?

Note that the last source is not a technical analysis but rather a news environment capsule. There is a growing body of evidence that news factors alone are primarily responsible for determination of price, at least insofar as cryptocurrency is concerned. Recent academic and scholarly studies point out that cryptocurrency and in particular bitcoin has little or no correlation to main street finance algorithms or price predictive capabilities. This is borne out by hard data and obvious price non-correlations.

In short, more emphasis may be placed on news capsules and media buzz in the evaluation and determination of cryptocurrency price forecasts.

[legal disclaimer] Just one news report can invalidate a technical analysis.


The author does not hold MIOTA $IOTA at the time of writing.

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