Bitcoin $BTC Forecast: Monday Edition: In the Balance?

August 27 2018 23:12 UTC

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This edition features popular Bitcoin $BTC technical analyses from @bitcoinsguide, @investingcom and @NewsBTC. Or jump right to today’s Bitcoin $BTC Forecast.

@bitcoinsguide Analysis

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no opinion

Dalmas Ngetich of @bitcoinsguide illuminates "Currently, it is likely that sentiment might affect prices—positively—and help prime further gains once there is a close above $7,000 [and] prices are still trending inside week ending Aug 12 high lows for the second straight week in the process hinting of strong sell pressure despite the general market optimism"

@investingcom Analysis

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Automated Signal of @investingcom corresponds "Summary:Buy
DAILY DATA VIEW: Moving Averages:Neutral Buy (6)Sell (6) > Technical Indicators:Strong Buy Buy (6)Sell (1)"
Published: August 27 2018 18:51:46 – Real-time Data

@NewsBTC Analysis

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no opinion

Aayush Jindal of @NewsBTC says "Bitcoin price is trading in a contracting range [and] Overall, the price is likely to make the next move either above $6,750 or below $6,600 "

Bitcoin $BTC Forecast

on Monday August 27 2018 23:12 UTC

no opinionbullishno opinion

The crypto pundits say: “no opinion/bullish/no opinion/”.

Our automated forecast sends a “Buy” based on neutral moving averages and strong buy technical indicators.

It’s a good thing we have’s automated forecast. Our two human “experts” do not make a definitive forecast today, instead preferring to say $BTC could either go up or down, albeit with generous descriptive prose. One suggests that with today’s trading patterns Bitcoin hangs in the balance, going either up or down.

No expert suggested a sideways trend. KittyBitcoin’s “24 Hours of Bitcoin” shows:

24 Hours of #Bitcoin
0.74% price $6,759.90
vol $3,739,357,500
mktcap $116,507,496,504
17.24M #XBT 00:11

Currently the “sideways” trend is flagged as plus or minus half a percent over twenty-four hours. At 0.74% the daily percentage change is slightly above sideways.

[legal disclaimer] Just one news report can invalidate a technical analysis.


The author holds Bitcoin $BTC at the time of writing.

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