EOS $EOS Forecast: Thursday Edition: Bearish

August 09 2018 15:53 UTC

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This edition features popular $EOS technical analyses from @NewsBTC, @Investingcom & @bloktcrypto. Or jump right to today’s $EOS Forecast.

NewsBTC Analysis

View: bearish


Dalmas Ngetich of NewsBTC articulates "we retain a bearish inclination. As such, every high retesting $7.5 or higher provides another selling opportunity in line with last week’s bears" Analysis

View: bearish


Automated Signal of commits "DAILY: Moving Averages:Strong Sell Technical Indicators:Strong Sell"
Published: August 09 11:36:30 – Real-time Data

Blokt Analysis

View: bearish


John Lee Quigley of Blokt prints "Overall, technical analysis is looking very bearish for EOS [and] Drops have been on large volume"

EOS $EOS Forecast

on Thursday August 09 2018 15:53 UTC


The crypto pundits say: “bearish/bearish/bearish/”.

All three experts today are weighing in with bearish views which speaks volumes to the probable market direction.

Notwithstanding the predictions, bitcoin has risen dramatically in the last hour bouyant at $6444.30 on Bitfinex. Historically there is a strong correlation between the price of bitcoin and altcoins.

At press time the Binance $EOS/USDT last price is $5.78 over 24 hours down -1.60% on a 24 hour volume of 76,064,286.96 USDT.

On another subject, yesterday Yale University professors published an interesting piece on cryptocurrency price prediction:

[legal disclaimer] Just one news report can invalidate a technical analysis.


The author does not hold $EOS at the time of writing.

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