Ethereum $ETH Forecast: Tuesday Edition – Price in Flux


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This edition features popular Ethereum technical analyses from ETHNews, FXStreet and Or jump right to today’s Ethereum $ETH Forecast.


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ETHNews Analysis

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Aayush Jindal of ETHNews clarifies "Ether’s price gained bullish momentum and broke the $470.00 resistance against the US dollar. [and] the 2-hour chart indicators moved into the bullish territory with positive signs "

FXStreet Analysis

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John Isige of FXStreet articulates "Ethereum has breached the trendline resistance, although it is still range-bound below $480 [and] The trend is strongly bearish at the time of press " Analysis

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Published: July 24 12:05:22

Ethereum $ETH Forecast

on Tuesday 24th of July 2018 04:12 PM UTC


The crypto pundits say: “bullish/bearish/bullish/”.

Clearly we are looking at a price in flux. Bitcoin has broken through the $8000 mark and is pulling most other crypto up with it. How long ethereum can withstand this may only be a matter of time.

Note that Aayush Jindal of ETHNews observes “ETH/BTC remained in a downtrend and broke the 0.0580BTC support.” His key remarks above are for the ETH/USD pair, not the ETH/BTC pair.

[legal disclaimer] Just one news report can invalidate a technical analysis.

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