Bitcoin $BTC Technical Analyses – Weekend of June 08 to 10 2018

Weekend Technical Analyses

For the weekend we offer a roundup of the top ranked and recent bitcoin technical analyses. Topping out the list are analyses from, and Analysis

View: Bullish

“Bitcoin Price Watch: BTC/USD Dips Remain Supported”
For NewsBTC Aayush Jindal writes on June 7, 2018 “Bitcoin price moved higher and broke a major resistance near $7,650 against the US Dollar.” Jindal summary is “Bitcoin price is building bullish momentum above $7,600 against the US Dollar. BTC/USD remains buy on dips near the $7,600 and $7,500 support levels.”

Analysis tools
Aayush referenced resistance and trend line concepts.

Complete Analysis Analysis

View: Bearish

“Another Bitcoin fractal, trying to make sense of whats going on”
On user botje11 writes on or about June 06 2018 “… i am still bearish for the medium term, but i just could not say what was going to happen on the short term.” botje11 states “the minimum i expect is a test of the 7100/6900in the coming week or 2. But the movement i have in mind for the med term is a drop below the 7K”.

Analysis tools
botje11 referenced fractals, squeezing, leverages, support levels, double bottom and big V in their view.

Complete Analysis Analysis: Live & Weekly

View: Bearish

Data was live from June 08 2018:

Crypto Weekly displays $BTC, $ETH, $BCH, $LTC, $IOT and $XRP in its chart box – most of which are in the red today:

“Summary:Strong Sell”

Analysis tools references a multitude of charting tools and algorithms including moving averages, technical indicators, pivot points and much more. This analysis appears to be free of subjectivity by using an arithmetical formulaic concept.

Complete Analysis

Dailyfx Sentiment

View: Bearish

Dailyfx has an interesting sentiment indicator:

Weekly Outlook: Bearish


Look for our Bitcoin and Ethereum mid month market reports coming out next week on

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