Nxt Enables Blockchain Creation Using Nxt Blockchain Base

Nxt, a blockchain platform which builds on and improves the basic functionality of cryptocurrencies, has announced the launch of its Blockchain Creation Kit, which allows anyone to use the existing Nxt technology to create blockchain-based systems on their own blockchain. Nxt is a blockchain platform developed by Jelurida that hosts a variety of features, including the ability to create assets that represent shares, vouchers or tokens, and trade them on a decentralized exchange within the platform.

While the Nxt public blockchain supports many basic functions and applications, some advanced applications, such as new transaction types, changing the coin inflation, and modifying block parameters, require a new blockchain with unique features. Nxt’s Blockchain Creation Kit solves this problem, allowing third party developers to create their own blockchain with the full Nxt source code available for enhancement. The developers can construct a new public blockchain, with its own token, and specific features necessary for the application they plan on building.