BTC-e Traders Updated About Closed Exchange

In a surprising development a person with access to the account on BitcoinTalk forum has posted an update. The topic is “Update4! 08/03/2017” and the original is in Russian: Post on : Russian

The translated two sentence update states “1. We were able to access our databases and wallets, at the moment we are evaluating data and balances on koin, this information will be made public by the end of next week.” and “2. We confirm that the main streams of the threads have been sent to the service through Mayzus Financial Services Ltd and at the moment they are arrested.” Post on : English

The post ended with “Best regards support btc-e”.

Unplanned Maintenance
BTC-e’s troubles seemed to start with unplanned maintenance on July 25 2017. A BTC-e twitter account posted information about its apparently temporary closure. Domain Seizure
Subsequent to the unplanned maintenance news, the BTC-e domain was reportedly seized by the US Department of Justice and other government bodies after an arrest of a Russian in Greece and Northern California USA indictments were made public.

The US government seizure of assets belonging to innocent traders has been called into question. Taking assets from innocents is called theft in most parts of the world. No compensation and no consideration has been extended to the thousands of innocent BTC-e bitcoin traders. was the top volume bitcoin exchange in the popular BTC/USD trading pair during the week of August 15 2016:

BTC-e consistently made the top ten list for most bitcoin volume traded, and has often had one of the lowest bitcoin prices of any exchange.

According to held down tenth position with 163k bitcoin or 3.41% of the total bitcoin trades in July 2017. BTC-e traded over 14.5M bitcoin or 0.91% of all bitcoin traded all time during the lifetime of BTC-e.

The BTC-e story may continue to unfold as BTC-e support advises: “information will be made public by the end of next week.”

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