Skuchain Joins DCG Connect to Accelerate Enterprise Blockchain Adoption

Skuchain, Inc. has announced that it has joined the newly-launched DCG Connect as a founding member. The fourth subsidiary of Digital Currency Group, an investor in Skuchain, DCG Connect is a membership-based organization dedicated to helping enterprises accelerate from blockchain exploration to production, with a group of founding corporate members including IBM, Amazon Web Services, CME Group, Foxconn, Mastercard, New York Life, Prudential, Transamerica, and CIBC.

Skuchain is a leader in blockchain solutions for trade finance and the supply chain, providing optimal planning, agility and capital efficiency for downstream buyers and working capital relief for upstream suppliers. Skuchain’s products offer full communication with existing ERP and EDI systems without the need for costly integration, as well as full interoperability with all blockchain protocols. Skuchain has also been collaborating with cloud partners to build a full blockchain enterprise stack that can be deployed to further facilitate adoption across an enterprise and its supply chain.



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