Blockchain-Based Encrypted Communication Platform ICO

CVChain GmbH has announced the upcoming launch of its CVCoins crowd sale, starting on 20th May 2017. The coin is designed for a new generation of encrypted communication platforms, such as Crypviser. Crypviser Network is a secure unified communication platform based on blockchain technology. It uses encryption protocols to allow individual and enterprise customers to overcome the security challenges posed by messengers such as WhatsApp, Viber or Telegram, which may suffer from hacking attacks and periodic outages.

The Crypviser communication platform, now in its alpha testing phase, has been under development since 2015. The developers have implemented a security core that offers protection on the local, network and server level and a cryptographic model. Crypviser’s solution both prevents information leakage to third parties and also eliminates man-in-the-middle attacks, local data storage vulnerabilities and allows detection of unauthorized interception attempts through integrated intrusion detection algorithms. It follows the principles ‘No Tracking,’ ‘No Tracing’ and ‘No Metadata Records’.