ZrCoin Crowdsale Raises Over 1 Million Dollars in 24 Hours

The commodity-backed blockchain token initiative ZrCoin has announced its crowdsale has raised the equivalent of more than $ 1,344,093 in investment from the cryptocurrency community and industrial backers.

Founder Andrey Nikonorov commented: “We’re very pleased to see that our project has attracted such a high degree of interest from the start. This early backing gives us confidence that we will secure the funding we need to build our factory and begin production of the ‘green zirconium’ we know the industry needs.”

A total of 716 investors invested the following amounts in the project:
• 604,932 USD
• 249 BTC
• 1,847 ETH
• 1,447 LTC
• 38,629 WAVES

ZrCoin went on sale at $1.40, and the price will rise to $1.55 by the end of the crowdsale on 9th June. Coins will be bought back at the market price (currently $2.80) once production and shipping commence. As a token on the Waves platform, ZrCoins can be freely transferred and traded at any time.