Encrypted Smart-Platform with Decentralized Trade Engine Holds ICO

Russian blockchain start-up BitCAD has announced the launch of its new encrypted smart-platform and decentralized ‘Tectum’ trade engine. The blockchain-backed unified operating system aims to streamline businesses and maximize efficiency by integrating various business processes on a single platform. The platform is designed to suit a variety of business processes, and it is capable of managing currencies, digital assets, smart contracts, DAOs, etc. BitCAD’s offering also includes a mobile application for convenience and efficiency. Its month-long ICO will start on May 4th, 2017.

The encrypted smart-platform channels various business processes through Tectum — the decentralized trade engine. The Tectum trade engine, with multiple API integrations interfaces with the banking systems, insurance, trade platforms, exchanges, CRM systems, taxation, governance, and customs to provide a single window for managing, designing and analysing businesses on the blockchain.