AI-Powered Smart Contract Interface Built on Qtum Blockchain

Agrello, an Estonian blockchain start-up developing smart contract solutions, has announced that it has selected the Qtum blockchain to be its infrastructure for the company’s AI-powered smart contract interface. The company has created an interface using AI, allowing users with no legal or coding skills to create, manage, and automate legally binding smart agreements which are both stored as smart contracts on the blockchain, as well as translated to legally binding documents in natural English.

According to Agrello, the solution will allow individuals and businesses to use smart contracts as a substitute and enhancement to standard paper contracts. The decision to base its technology on Qtum was announced yesterday in Shanghai, at an Qtum event. Agrello’s AI smart contract interface corresponds with Qtum’s Smart Contract Lifecycle Management solution, detailed in Qtum’s Whitepaper, which proposes an intuitive workflow to derive smart contract code from human-readable agreements and manage them in real time.