Lisk Updates Suite of Applications

Blockchain application platform Lisk has announced updates to its full suite of applications; Lisk Core, Lisk Nano, and Lisk-JS. The updates signify an important milestone for the company as it brings the platform closer to the launch of Lisk 1.0.0, its first major release. Lisk 0.8.0, the latest update, includes optimization of the databases, a refinement of the API layer and the resolution of several bugs.

Max Kordek, President of the Lisk Foundation, said: “Lisk’s latest updates feature significant performance gains across all platforms, enhancing efficiency and usability while providing greater stability. Each update improves upon the solid foundation established by our previous releases, preparing for Lisk 1.0.0. While efforts toward scalability are ongoing, these updates bring a much-needed step in the right direction. With our first major release, Lisk 1.0.0, in sight, we are closer to becoming the innovative, safe, and seamless blockchain application platform outlined since day one”