Decentralised Token Exchange Matcher from Waves

Decentralized blockchain platform Waves has announced the release of two of its signature features on mainnet: the decentralised exchange (DEX) and Leased Proof-of-Stake (LPoS). The DEX is accessed via a full node or via the API at start but will also be made available or users of the lite client. LPoS, allowing anyone to lease their mining power to a full node and receive rewards while increasing network security.

Waves’ DEX offers a number of advantages, including asset-to-asset trading, increased speed with trades being executed almost instantly due to the matching engine, but are still settled on the blockchain. It also offers crypto and fiat tokens integration, allowing users to trade most popular crypto and fiat assets represented by corresponding tokens. When the GUI is completed for the DEX and integrated in the lite client, traders will experience an interface similar to the bitcoin/altcoin exchanges that exist in the cryptocurrency sphere.



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