Chain of Things Attracts Interest at Smart IoT London 2017

Most of the Chain of Things’ (CoT) team turned out for our debut at the Smart IoT London 2017 event on March 15th and 16th at ExCel London event. CoTers there included four co-founders – Adam Vaziri, Conor Colwell, Doug Irwin, and Hans Lombardo.

The Hong Kong-based startup’s decision to partner with Closer Still Media for its general IoT events turned out to be a resounding success based on the great deal of interest from attendees who came by the CoT’s booth and attended its presentations.

At the booth and in presentations, CoT presented its Maru Hardware-as-a-Service sensor device as well as a paper on CoT’s blockchain-based device identity protocol. In its paper, CoT proposes developing a strong identity protocol for devices for the benefit of IoT security and interoperability.

According to CoT, by establishing and securing device identity, devices can be trusted and device cloning can be mitigated. Moreover, machines that know each other can trust each other, and a common identity protocol may lead to higher M2M performance. By utilizing a blockchain, it will be possible to create a secure registry of devices – including device and manufacture reputation and performance history.