Second Phase of ICO Comes for Ethereum Funded Movie

The Ethereum blockchain is moving forward into the film industry as the hybrid smart contract of the first ethereum-funded movie gives away free tradable shares to early investors and nears phase 2 of its ICO. ‘Ethereum Movie Venture’ – EMV is a decentralised movie-investment platform designed for investing in the independent movie industry. The initial film, produced by a Swiss company, ‘The Pitts Circus’ follows the journey of a four-person strong circus family from their home to a circus festival in an isolated part of Western Australia.

With the second phase of its ICO beginning on 20th March 2017, investors can purchase the Ethereum blockchain-based coin called EMV coin. The coins that represent the shares are ERC-20 certified Ethereum tokens. The contract and the coins can be inspected on blockchain and prediction markets such as Augur list bets on the price – development of EMV over various timescales.