Structured Finance Industry Group Partners with Chamber of Digital Commerce for Blockchain to Securitization

The Chamber of Digital Commerce, the trade association representing the blockchain industry, and the Structured Finance Industry Group – SFIG – announced the formation of a strategic partnership focused on advancing the use of blockchain technology in securitization markets. The partnership will commence with the publication of a co-sponsored white paper, titled ‘Applying Blockchain in securitization: opportunities for reinvention’ and a series of educational activities at SFIG Vegas 2017 which begins yesterday in Las Vegas, Nevada.

With the goal of bringing the structured finance and blockchain communities together, the two organizations will collaborate on research efforts and publications, joint educational programs and online forums.
In addition to a detailed examination of how blockchain can play a role at each stage of the securitization lifecycle, the white paper, prepared by Deloitte, outlines a number of distinct benefits for blockchain in structured products: a single, consistent source of information, complete, immutable audit trail, better valuation and price discovery, speed, certainty and security.



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