Bitcoin Shatters All Time High: Rallys Above $1200

Bitcoin shattered its all time high today reaching $1222.40 $BTCUSD on Bitfinex. XBT LivePrice shows the current price at press time:


Three Year Chart
The three year chart shows both up and downtrends with October 2017 the start point of the latest rally to the all time high:


One Week Chart
The one week chart shows the various price and volume movements over just the past week:


24 Hour Chart
The 24 hour chart shows today’s ascent in a one day view:


Reasons for the rally
Reasons for any price movement can be a matter of conjecture. Nonetheless the environment has some compelling factors that could significantly influence the price. These include sustained Chinese demand, trader’s response to Vinklevoss SEC application for a bitcoin ETF, favorable bitcoin press in publications such as TechCrunch, Mt. Gox latent reaction, stock market rally, new American jobs favorable economic agenda, and more.

Whatever the reason/s this latest bitcoin high is very possibly symptomatic of even bigger rallies yet to come, even if the ensuing descent takes bitcoin sub $1000.

At press time is showing what looks like a strong descent with price at $1074:


Bitcoin Price All Time Chart publishes a realtime BTC chart. This is the entire history of bitcoin price in one chart:


All time chart

Two years ago you could have purchased a bitcoin for $228. BTC has increased five fold with today’s rally high.

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