PTDL Group Researches Viewpoints on Blockchain Technology


The Post Trade Distributed Ledger Group – ‘PTDL Group’ – made up of global banks, custodians, central securities depositories, clearing houses, exchanges, regulators, government agencies and central banks, has commissioned research amongst its members. Results show that almost half believe blockchain will become adopted in the financial post-trade area within three to five years, and over a quarter expect this to happen within the next one to two years. 50% see it as an opportunity, whereas only 10.5% think it will be a threat.

The survey of PTDL’s global membership found that the top three benefits of distributed ledger technology are expected to be operational cost savings (81%), increased efficiency/reduced settlement cycles (67%), and transparency (43%). In a reflection of the significance of the new technology, a fifth of respondents said that the strategic importance of blockchain within their own organisation was very high, with an additional 34% saying it was high; only 7% said it was a low priority.



Based near Windsor, England, Matthew Warner is an enthusiast for innovative, cutting edge technologies. He is a B.Eng. graduate in engineering with honors from the University of Warwick and also holds an PGCE in education degree. Matthew is a member of Mensa.
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