New Charity Focussed Cryptocurrency Launches

Centurion, a new cryptocurrency, launched last week with a focus on ease-of-use and scalability in addition to promoting children’s charities. With a block size of 2 MB, Centurion can process and confirm transactions in under 6 minutes.

Ready-made merchant payment API libraries can be integrated into websites to enable the cryptocurrency to be used to buy products and services. The first adopter of Centurion is an online store which sells more than 100 e-books and 50 videos on marketing, cryptocurrencies, internet tips, tricks, businesses, etc. The partnerships will be revealed soon, with more stores to follow soon after. Centurion is already available for traders on the cryptocurrency exchange Excambiorex.

Mining pools for Centurion users do not require miners to sign up and manually withdraw their accumulated share of cryptocurrency. Instead, they will be receiving funds directly into their wallets. According to the company, this has been done to improve ease of use, but also reduce the risk of attacks on the mining pool’s wallets. The auto pay-outs are set to execute every few minutes. In order to cater to users who are not technology experts, simple, pre-configured files are provided that can be downloaded to start CPU and GPU mining.

Centurion4Children is donating 5 million Centurion coins to well-established charity organizations. It is also raising funds within the community and through the website. The foundation is already represented in India, as well as Africa and Europe with official charity partnerships being revealed in March, 2017. Centurion4Children’ is currently raising funds for: Support a Child and its Entire Family, Sponsor a Boy, Safe Water for Children in Development Countries, and Sustainable Schools. To cover promotion costs and to kick-start the donations distributed by Centurion4Children, the coin has reserved 50 Million of its tokens.

The cryptocurrency platform will soon embark on a marketing campaign in association with Cryptonetwork ltd, a Dubai-based entity which has a network of people spread across India, Germany, Italy, Spain and several other countries. They will be involved in various promotional activities, including the sale of products and services, for which they will receive rewards in centurion and bitcoin. An estimated 20 million Centurion tokens over a period of 5 years has been earmarked for these promotional purposes.

Centurion will donate 5 million of its reserved coins to charity and the remaining 50% will be used to reward early adopters, investors, related projects and talented individuals within the community who work to improve the Centurion cryptocurrency.

•X11 Proof of Work (PoW)
•3% Proof of Stake (PoS)
•RPC port: 5555 / P2P port: 5556
•1 Minute Blocks
•Block Size 2Mb
•Reward Schedule:
•Blocks until 100 – 0 CNT (for fair difficulty balancing)
•Blocks 101 – 250,100 – 100 CNT
•Blocks 250,101 – 500,100 – 75 CNT
•Blocks 500,101 – 1,000,100 – 60 CNT
•Blocks 1,000,101 – 2,000,100 – 50 CNT
•Blocks 2,000,101 – 2,500,100 – 25 CNT
•Blocks 2,500,101 – 3,500,100 – 10 CNT
•Blocks 3,500,101 – 4,000,100 – 5 CNT
•Blocks 4,000,101 – 5,000,100 – 2.5 CNT
•Blocks 5,000,101 – 19,000,000 – 1 CNT
•Total Coin production 250 Million
•Reserve: 50 Million.

Based near Windsor, England, Matthew Warner is an enthusiast for innovative, cutting edge technologies. He is a B.Eng. graduate in engineering with honors from the University of Warwick and also holds an PGCE in education degree. Matthew is a member of Mensa.
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