Economy Whitepaper Released by Qtum Project

The Qtum Foundation, the organization overseeing the development of the Qtum Blockchain project, released its economy whitepaper today, titled: Qtum Blockchain Economy Whitepaper. The whitepaper outlines the Foundation’s structure, the blockchain, the team, fund allocation, token distribution, and use cases of the blockchain.

In an effort to combine the potential of Ethereum’s decentralized computation platform, with the simplicity of bitcoin, the Qtum team has designed a system which combines the most valuable assets of both projects. Building on the bitcoin blockchain, Qtum stacks a communication layer which allows it to interact with an enhanced version of the Ethereum Virtual Machine called the Qtum Virtual Machine. It aims to combine the possibilities provided by smart contracts with the stability and maturity of the bitcoin, also giving greater access to a blockchain smart-contract system through lite wallets and mobile devices.