Synero Issues Lead to Separate RChain Development and Token Swap

Over the course of December, news came out of a split between Synero’s CEO, Dor Konforty, and CTO, Lucius Gregory Meredith. According to media and comments made by the company, Meredith said that the project was at risk because Konforty did not appreciate or allocate the resources required to develop a programming stack, resulting in problems from the Rchain project which was intended to be the underlying technology of Synereo’s platform. Konforty in turn stated that he had lost confidence in Meredith’s ability to deliver, with the RChain project being over two months behind schedule.

The purpose of Synero is to integrate social dynamics into distributed systems, including a flexible social layer for any protocol to use and apps to be built on. To enable high levels of security and easy scalability, the system was to be built on a new base blockchain – RChain, developed by Meredith, using a technique called sharding to allow for huge scalability and improved performance. It also included a layer for storage and content delivery and a new smart contracting language.