RChain Redemption Event: History in the Making?

According to Christian of Coin Interview an Rchain Redemption Event is history in the making. The “first ever swap from the omni layer to ethereum network” is about to happen.

Christian indicates there has been “a divide between the CEO and CTO of Synereo” and that “A new organization has been setup called the RChain Coop.” The split was documented in Smith and Crown in December of 2016.

The official start time of the swap has not been announced yet but the last update was that it would start on Monday. The swap will be 1-1 AMP to RHOC (the rchain token).

What is the RChain?
Updated technical documentation on what RChain is:


RChain Website:
RChain Twitter:
RChain Youtube:
RChain Btctalk:
RChain Slack channel:
RChain Github:

It is known that new digital assets may have problems getting started. When combined with development disagreements and divergent paths of interested parties it brings into question the viability of investment vehicles so arising. Not so long ago The DAO was touted and underwritten as a major ethereum investment vehicle – but the reality for investors was different.

On the flip side the RChain is new and has its own unique characteristics.

Last Prices

At press time the last prices for related digital assets are:

Synereo Amp $ 00.04 : down about 12% on the day
Ether $9.86

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