Blockchain Technology Coming to Referral Marketing Industry

London-based cryptocurrency start-up, Referral Foundation is introducing cryptocurrency and blockchain technology to the referral marketing economics. Referral marketing is a form of marketing involving word-of-mouth promotion where the promoter is incentivised for bringing more people on board. Referral Foundation hopes to upgrade the industry by introducing it to blockchain technology and educate it on the potential of digital currency. It also provides early insights into the adoption of digital currency and its impact on the referral marketing industry.

Referral Foundation is the creator of ReferralCoin, a decentralized digital token targeted towards the multi-billion dollar referral economy. ReferralCoin is designed to meet the challenges and requirements of the rapidly expanding referral economy that has evolved since the spread of social media. With the use of blockchain technology, Referral Foundation presents dedicated solutions to create opportunities and benefits for network marketing and affiliate sales.



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