BTCC Mint Launches Collectible Bitcoin Chips

Bitcoin service provider BTCC has launched a series of Bitcoin Chips – a new offering to add to its set of bitcoin collectibles which also includes physical bitcoin coins and commemorative blocks for the bitcoin halving events. Bitcoin Chips come in six denominations that range from 1,000 bits (currently worth around $0.73) to 500,000 bits (approx. $360).

Orders for chips can be made of one to a few chips each, or in bulk rolls of 20 chips each. Alternatively, they are also available in customizable poker chip sets of 200 chips each. Another option is the ‘Six Color Signature Set’ which consists of one chip from each Bitcoin Chip denomination adding up to six chips, with matching serial numbers.

Bobby Lee, BTCC’s CEO, commented: “Bitcoin Chips are attractive, durable collectibles that are perfect for introducing your friends and relatives to bitcoin, or starting your own physical bitcoin collection. We made Bitcoin Chips to make bitcoin accessible to everyone by presenting it in physical form.”

Design of the chips contains detail from the outer part of the BTCC flower logo, interspersed with the bitcoin symbol.


BTCC’s COO, Samson Mow explained: “We designed our Bitcoin Chips with two aims: to match the highest-quality casino chips and to make fun, affordable collectibles for bitcoin enthusiasts. The result is colorful casino-quality chips with a luxurious satin finish that anyone with a few millibitcoins can buy.”

Bitcoin Chips are also able to interact with the digital space. Underneath the hologram sticker on the reverse of each chip is a polyester round that has a private key with its QR code, which can be scanned to import each chip’s bitcoins into any online wallet that supports the bitcoin private key format. Bitcoin Chips also feature strong security and anti-counterfeiting features.

Mikael Wang, BTCC’s CTO, remarked: “Chips take BTCC Mint’s reputation of producing stylish collectibles with ironclad security to another level. These new collectibles include a host of new security and anti-counterfeiting measures, including ultra-fine scroll on the obverse inlay and lettering made with ultraviolet light-visible ink.”

Each chip denomination comes in a different colour:
1. Purple – 500K-bit (0.5 bitcoin)
2. Black – 100K-bit (0.1 bitcoin)
3. Green – 25K-bit (0.025 bitcoin)
4. Blue – 10K-bit (0.01 bitcoin)
5. Red – 5K-bit (0.005 bitcoin)
6. White – 1K-bit (0.001 bitcoin)

The obverse of the chip also contains the phrase “IN CRYPTO WE TRUST”. The reverse of the chips also contains a window that allows customers to see the chip’s serial number and part of the chip’s public address. Customers can view their chip’s full public address by entering three or more characters from the partial public address on the BTCC Mint Coin Lookup page.

Based near Windsor, England, Matthew Warner is an enthusiast for innovative, cutting edge technologies. He is a B.Eng. graduate in engineering with honors from the University of Warwick and also holds an PGCE in education degree. Matthew is a member of Mensa.
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