Free Cross-Border Transfers for Global Remittance Companies

Global blockchain money transfer network OKLink announced today that it will subsidize all fees on the first US$100,000 of cross-border transfers for every partner on the OKLink network, up to a total of US$100 million. The initiative incentivizes money transfer companies to offer their customers the cheapest, fastest, and most transparent global remittance services. OKLink currently offers payouts in fifteen countries across Asia, the Americas and Africa.

Hong Kong-based OKLink enables transfer and delivery companies to provide senders and recipients a better service on low-value transfers in their local currency. OKLink’s platform is built on the trust of the blockchain, using digital assets to settle among participants in an instant, secure, and transparent manner. It eliminates the need for pre-funding by settling every transaction in real-time using stable and native digital assets.



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