Eris Industries Rebrands to Monax Industries

Casey Kuhlman, Monax Industries’ CEO detailed recently the rebranding of Eris Industries its former title to Monax Industries. The company, which provides process automation for enterprise ecosystems, has decided on the change in name as it moves in focus towards building a long-lasting framework.

Previously Eris, named after the ancient god of chaos to represent its disruptive possibility, the company began using ecosystem application technology to build an application that would be able to distribute content according to rules that were held in a smart contract.

As the industry developed and matured, with solid use cases, the business has become more refined and products and sales pipelines have been developed. This is the progress towards order that has led to a change in name. Newly christened Monax, from the Latin name for the Groundhog subgenus of marmot, the choice was made to link to the friendly rodent, as it is described as a natural ecosystem engineers – a counterpoint to Monax Industries artificial ecosystem engineering.

The company will continue to be called Eris until it moves to 1.0 in early 2017. It has announced a continuation of development of its technology platform, products, and sales pipeline in the run up to this point.