Gatecoin REP/BTC Soars While Poloniex Falls

Gatecoin was the first exchange to list ETH, was an early mover on DAO and DGD, and was the first to list REP. From the outset the price set breathtaking highs. The Gatecoin chart on August 18 2016 shows an opening price of zero climbing within 24 hours to 0.02350 BTC:


The precipitous high then fell off sharply to an all time low of 0.00176 on September 06 2016.

The highest daily volume is reported as 2.864k on October 03 2016.

The Gatecoin REP/BTC all time high is 0.02989 set yesterday, October 04 2016. Today’s last price on October 05 2016 is 0.02530 which contrasts incongruously with the Poloniex last price of 0.01435000 REP/BTC:


The price disparity between exchanges is (Gatecoin last price minus Poloniex last price) = 0.01095 or in US dollars a $6.68 difference.

Poloniex First Day of Trading
Poloniex offers REP in several pairs including REP/BTC, REP/ETH and REP/USDT. The REP/USDT last price at press time was $6.60. The Poloniex volume today is 4051 REP/BTC which is the first day of trading on this exchange:

BTC-REP was added to Bittrex on October 04 2016 and is not presently showing trades: shows the total supply as 11,000,000 REP. No “available supply” is reported:


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