Bitcoin Market Report: BTC/USD Up 5.73% on the Month


Bitcoin is down -0.46% on the day, down -1.37% on the week and up 5.73% on the month on a last price of $607.00. BTC/USD is trading between a 24hr high of $610.35 and a 24hr low of $605.85 on a 24hr volume of 998 BTC. The weekly trend is sideways.

Last price

607.00 BTC/USD


last price $ 607.00
one week ago $ 615.41
percentage -1.37%



The 24 hour volume on Itbit is 998.40 BTC.


Bitcoin BTC/USD is up 5.73% on the month. The highest mark on was $627.88 on September 11 2016. Other exchanges saw prices rise even higher. itBit continues to dominate the BTC/USD market after establishing itself as the market leader last month. This month’s marketshare report sees some shakeup too:

BTC/USD Marketshare
piechart-marketshare-btcusd-2016-09-15 Chart courtesy of

The thirty day chart shows Bitfinex has regained some lost ground (at the expense of Coinbase) although at 12.57% it is a far cry from its former days of market dominance. BTC-e continues its strong showing weighing in at number two position for the month. GDAX and Bitstamp attain a marketshare rank of four and five respectively. The also-rans include OKCoin the world’s largest bitcoin exchange, Bit-x, LakeBTC and others.

The BTC/USD market is a fraction of the entire BTC market which has been dominated by Chinese based exchanges since 2015 after the closure of former Japanese based Mt. Gox.

The difference between marketshare reports may be compared by fetching the previous BTC/USD marketshare report.

Exchange Marketshare: all currencies
Here is a thirty day look at bitcoin exchange marketshare using all currencies traded. These are the top bitcoin exchanges:


It’s no surprise that OKCoin, Huobi, BTCChina (BTCC) and LakeBTC together share 95.18% of all bitcoin traded worldwide.

The range of bitcoin price is $4.50 on the day, $8.41 on the week, and $32.92 on the month.

Price change

Price change is the percentage change within the period:

period change
day -0.46%
week -1.37%
month 5.73%


Tap or click chart to enlarge:


Data source

Itbit is the data source for this market report.

Market capitalization

Market capitalization is the total $US dollar value of the Bitcoin market calculated using the formula:

market cap = ( available supply x last price )
Market cap Available supply Last price
$ 9,632,922,468 15869724 $ 607.00

Daily High Low

daily high 610.35
daily low 605.85


The weekly trend is sideways.

trend is SIDEWAYS


Support is the lowest price within the period:

period support
day 605.85


Resistance is the highest price within the period:

period resistance
day 610.35

Margin trading


The data source Itbit does NOT offer margin trading on this digital asset.


Range is the difference in price within the period:

period range
day 4.50000000
week -8.41000000
month 32.92000000

Market sentiment

Market sentiment is neutral.

sentiment neutral

Image courtesy


Bitcoin is down -0.46% on the day, down -1.37% on the week and up 5.73% on the month. The weekly trend is sideways. BTC/USD saw weekly support at $600.15 and weekly resistance at $627.85. Market sentiment is neutral.


Past history is NOT an indicator of future results. Read the legal disclaimer:


This report was printed on Friday September 16 2016 23:04 hours UTC. Contact KittyBitcoin to request custom reports.

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