Lbry Credits Market Report: LBC/BTC Listed on Bittrex, Poloniex


Lbry Credits launched today on a last price of 0.00267001. LBC/BTC is trading between a 24hr high of 0.004399978 and a 24hr low of 0.00216001 on a 24hr volume of 108.90 BTC or 36065.41 LBC. The daily trend is mixed.

Last price

0.00267001 LBC/BTC


last price $ 1.7505
one week ago launched July 13 2016



The 24 hour volume on Poloniex is 108.90 BTC or 36065.41 LBC.


LBRY Credits has launched today July 13 2016 on Bittrex and Poloniex digital asset exchanges. On their website news page the team stated:

“US-based cryptocoin exchange Bittrex has become the first to list LBRY credits (LBC) for trade to/from Bitcoin. In the first day of trading, LBC went from no established value to roughly 50¢ each! Taking into account all the LBC in existence, this would put LBC’s market cap at roughly $200 million – higher than Dash, MaidSafeCoin, Dogecoin (wow!)1, and on par with Litecoin. Amazingly, some 1/3 of all outstanding credits were traded on the first day.”


In the first full 5 minute trading session the price was 0.0272512 weighted average on a five minute session volume of 3.1285 BTC.

The price eased off in mixed trading as the market tries to establish a price. The twenty-four hour volume is 108.90 BTC.


Note: Since the coin has just launched the historical data normally supplied with Market Reports is not available.


Tap or click chart to enlarge:


Data source

Poloniex is the data source for this market report.

Market capitalization

Market capitalization is the total $US dollar value of the Lbry Credits market calculated using the formula:

market cap = ( available supply x last price )
Market cap Available supply Last price
$ 700,586,085 400220556.7875681 $ 1.7505

Note: the available supply was obtained from a web block explorer and could include blocks not available. A definitive number was not immediately available from

Daily High Low

daily high 1.00000000
daily low 0.00216001
A high of 0.004399978 was reached, the chart indicates the high was 1.00000000, however the former number may be more accurate as there is no evidence on the chart of the price reaching 1.0.


The weekly trend is mixed.

trend is MIXED


Support is the lowest price within the period:

period support
day 0.00216001


Resistance is the highest price within the period:

period resistance
day 1.00000000

Margin trading


The data source Poloniex does NOT offer margin trading on this digital asset.


Range is the difference in price within the period:

period range
day 0.99783999

Market sentiment

Market sentiment is neutral.

sentiment neutral

Image courtesy


Lbry Credits has just launched. The daily trend is mixed. LBC/BTC saw daily support at 0.00216001 and daily resistance at 0.004399978. Market sentiment is neutral.


Past history is NOT an indicator of future results. Read the legal disclaimer:


This report was printed on Thursday July 14 2016 03:25 hours UTC. Contact KittyBitcoin to request custom reports.

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