Coin Market Reports Summary: May 2016

As we turn towards a new month, here are the reports that made market news in May of 2016:

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Bitcoin Market Reports

Bitcoin Market Report: BTC Rockets to $557.19
In a move long anticipated by traders bitcoin has broken through the $500 mark. The punch through heralds the beginning …

Bitcoin Market Report: BTC Drops -3.02% in a Week
The OKCoin 21 day chart (illustrated) shows a price drop of just over 3% on the week. reports 8,203,200 total BTC …

Bitcoin Market Report: BTC Rises to US$ 455
Bitcoin is up 0.94% on the day, up 0.02% on the week and up 7.33% on the month …

Bitcoin Weekend Price Synopsis: 2016-05-07
Bitcoin rises to $461.62
Bitcoin is up 1.46% on the day, up 1.48% on the week and up 8.70% on the month …

Ethereum Market Reports

Ethereum Market Report: Ether Crashes to .0206
Ether’s crash from .0331 to .0206 is the biggest ether price movement in two weeks. Ether is up 1.65% …

TheDAO Market Report: Launch Day Tokens Up 36% Drift Lower
TheDAO has raised over $150 million in investment capital in an historic crowdfunding and autonomous investing landmark. Today TheDAO tokens commenced trading …

Ethereum Market Report: Ether Caps One Billion Dollars
Ether reached a new monthly high of 0.03415 on May 20 2016. The combination of higher prices and new investors resulted in …

Ethereum Market Report: Ether Skyrockets on WSJ News
The price of ether skyrocketed 0.0023 on in a single 30 minute trading session as Wall Street Journal …

Special Ether Report: Bull Run to 0.02213
Ether is up 4.90% on the day …

Altcoin Market Reports

Litecoin Market Report: LTCBTC Up 8.91% on the Month
Litecoin is up 5.77% on the day, up 7.08% on the week and up 8.91% on the month …

Lisk Market Report: LSKBTC Up 63.62% On Day Two
Lisk volume surpasses ether as Poloniex trading continues brisk on day two of LSKBTC launch. Price is up 63.62% …

Lisk Market Report: Price Reaches $447 on Launch
Lisk has launched and is down -100.00% on the day. A large buy sent the price to $447 shortly after the launch …

Dash Market Report: DASH/BTC Up 26.41% on the Month
The first DASH data on the Poloniex chart is from March of 2014. Two months later a classic coin rush to a high of .02800030 is …

Litecoin Market Report: LTC Up 14.68% on the Month
Litecoin (LTC/USDT) is up 14.68% on the month. While the price crash of late April dropped as low as $3.30 the price has seen …

Ripple Market Report: XRP Market Capitalization Third Highest
Ripple (trading symbol: XRP) has the third highest market capitalization of all cryptocurrencies after Bitcoin and Ethereum. According to their website, Ripple distributed financial technology allows for …

Those were the key Market Reports covering launch and price change events in the cryptocurrency industry for May 2016.

Thanks for reading! 🙂


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