Lisk Mainnet Launches Tomorrow With $250,000,000 Market Cap

Open source blockchain application platform Lisk will go live tomorrow, May 24th. The Lisk mainnet, was supposed to be launched in April but was postponed to double checks to ensure the robustness of the platform. Lisk IOU trading in the past weeks peaked at $7.230168 per LSK. Currently the IOU is trading at $2.5 per LSK, with a $250,000,000 market cap.

The development team has been steadily working on the platform to fix various security related issues and implement new features into the Lisk core. After running several internal testing sessions, the platform has been updated to ensure a secure network.

With the official launch of the Lisk mainnet, the platform has 100,000,000 LSK tokens, which are distributed according to the terms of ICO, which is:
• 1,000,000 LSK for early supporters
• 2,000,000 LSK for advisors, partners, and third parties
• 4,000,000 LSK for campaigns and bounties
• 8,000,000 LSK for the LISK core team
• 85,000,000 LSK for the ICO participants

Following the launch and distribution, the LSK tokens received by those participating in the ICO can be traded on selected exchanges after launch. For large orders the Lisk team has suggested using services like Lisk.Fund. The Lisk IOU tokens traded before launch on various exchanges will be swapped for real LSK.

The blockchain apps created on Lisk will have their own sidechain and it can be hosted on any cloud platform. As an alternative to Ethereum, the full stack blockchain based development platform Lisk allows developers to build their applications on sidechains with pure JavaScript.