New Bitcoin Futures Exchange Opens Beta Testing Phase, a new cryptocurrency exchange focusing on bitcoin futures trading, is opening up its private beta launch to the public.

Set up by Latvian bitcoin enthusiasts, the Crix’ trading platform has been tested by private entrants since February. A planned three-month exclusive launch window is now closing to open access to anyone who wishes to use the system.

Users can join the beta test at Beta testers will need to create a wallet, and be provided with 100 fake bitcoins to test the system.

According to the operator, the Crix platform works on a mathematical model that analyzes the market history and sets the price limits and margin requirements for every session, ensuring participants are guaranteed fair settlement regardless of the liquidity and volatility of the market.

The probabilistic risk model gives a price range for 24 hours by carrying out an analysis of the historical data of the bitcoin spot markets. This price range is used to margin the futures contracts.

The team stated in a release

This model assures no margin calls or liquidations are necessary during 24 hours trading sessions which in turn guarantees fair settlement.

The platform is designed to provide the fairest hedging opportunity and offers leveraged trading that varies from 2.75 to 6 depending on volatility of the market.

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