Special Ether Report: Bull Run to 0.02213

Ether price synopsis 2016-05-12

Bull run to 0.02213

Price brief

Ether is up 4.90% on the day, up 5.80% on the week and up 21.53% on the month:

Last price

0.02207 ETHBTC

Price change

day 4.90%
week 5.80%
month 21.53%


last $ 9.87
week $ 9.36
% 5.45


The market has experienced a bull run to a 24 hour high of 0.02213333. A US dollar which some experts say has bottomed out, a converging MACD indicator, and strong buy activity have sent ether spiraling higher.

Poloniex chart

Click or tap chart to enlarge:

poloniex is the data source for this report.


daily high 0.02213333
daily low 0.02076225


The weekly trend is up.

trend is UP


Support is the lowest price within the period:

period support
day 0.02076225
week .01912
biweekly .01582
month .01513


Resistance is the highest price within the period:

period resistance
day 0.02213333
week .02260
biweekly .2342
month .02342


The range is the difference in price within the period:

period range
day 0.00137108
week 0.00121000
month 0.00391000

Market sentiment


Market sentiment is bullish.

Image courtesy


Ether is up 4.90% on the day, up 5.80% on the week and up 21.53% on the month. The weekly trend is up. ETHBTC saw weekly support at .01912 and weekly resistance at .02260. Market sentiment is bullish.


Past history is NOT an indicator of future results. Read the legal disclaimer:


This report was printed on Thursday May 12 2016 00:40 hrs UTC.

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