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Ethereum Market Report: Gatecoin Offers DAO Tokens

Vancouver Island, Canada


Gatecoin offers DAO tokens
Ether bounces back from 0.015 BTC

In this report
• price brief
• price change
• Gatecoin offers Digix tokens
• indicators
• trend
• support
• resistance
• sentiment
• price synopsis
• Poloniex, Kraken charts
• State of the ETH price
• Market capitalization
• Ethereum by currency pair: % volume & marketshare
• Summary

Price brief
Ether is DOWN -1.09% on the day, DOWN -6.22% on the week and DOWN -40.21% on the month.

Last price
0.01670854 ETHBTC

Price change
day -1.09%
week -6.22%
month -40.21%

Data reference: 0.01670854 ETHBTC as of 18:09 hours UTC Thursday April 28 2016 @Poloniex

last $ 7.48
week $ 8.40
% -10.95

Gatecoin offers Digix tokens
The ink was barely dry on the email announcement when the DGDBTC order book began to fill:

dao-orders Image courtesy @Gatecoin

Gatecoin’s website is sporting the new “Easy and Efficient: Easily buy and sell bitcoin, ether (Ethereum) and DAO tokens worldwide with USD, EUR, HKD.”

Digix is a smart asset company that allows anyone to securely send and receive ownerships of assets for eventual redemption on the blockchain. The first asset listed is Gold, and other assets, such as diamonds will be available in the near future.

The highlights of the new Gatecoin website as posted on their blog include:

1. Trade DigixDAO tokens (DGD) on Gatecoin with DGD/BTC and DGD/USD markets available.

2. Participate in the token (DAO) sale by purchasing DAO token IOUs with BTC, ETH, REP, USD, EUR and HKD (with CNY coming soon). All DAO IOUs purchased on Gatecoin will be automatically converted into actual DAO tokens once the DAO is created.

Read more:

ETHBTC Indicators
high 0.01799000
low 0.01610001
range 24 hrs 0.00188999

The weekly high of 0.0192 and weekly low of 0.0151 produces a weekly range of 0.0041. Expressed in dollars this is a weekly range of US$ 1.82 at current BTC rates.

Trend line
The weekly trend chart in two hour candlesticks show two converging trends:

trend Chart courtesy @Poloniex

Down trend
The down trend is a continuation of the more than month long fall from the all time high of 0.0327 on March 14 2016. This trend has been long-standing.

Up trend
The up trend is new this week. Two and a half days – and today’s trading – suggest it may be a pattern. The intersection of these two trends occurs at approximately the 0.0167 mark.

Trend analysis
If the bears continue to exert down pressure, and the bulls insist on green, then we may be seeing the setup of the battleground for the next high volume trading session. Based on the trend line extension this struggle could be in full swing tomorrow on April 29 2016. The outcome could determine if the downward price trend continues, or if we have a price trend reversal.

Day 0.0161
week 0.0172
2 weeks 0.0187
month 0.0151

The last 24 hours saw support at 0.0161. The week chart shows support at 0.0172. Biweekly we have seen support at 0.0187. Going back one month we saw support at 0.0151.
The current daily and monthly support levels suggest that the last price is within .001 of a new weekly bottom figure. In other words, ETH may not fall further than 0.0151 this week.

Day 0.0179
week 0.0192
2 weeks 0.0227
month 0.0294

In the last 24 hours we’ve seen resistance at 0.0179. A week ago the resistance was found at 0.0192. Going back to biweekly the resistance was seen at 0.0227. A month ago 0.0294 was the top end price barrier.

Kraken chart
The Kraken chart shows the recent plummet to 0.015, it’s recovery to 0.0176 and then today’s fall to 0.016377. The struggle between the trend lines discussed above is again evident.

kraken Data courtesy Kraken as of April 28 2016.

State of the ETH price
ethereum-wisdom Data April 28 2016 13:25 PDT courtesy EthereumWisdom

Market capitalization
Market cap: $ 589,696,179
Price: $7.42
Available supply: 79,517,924 ETH
Volume 24h: $ 13,292,000
% change 24 hours: -4.65%

Data courtesy

Market sentiment
These are subjective, conservative estimates of ETH market sentiment:

Daily: neutral
Weekly: bearish
Monthly: bearish

Poloniex Depth
market-depth Data 13:45 PDT April 28 2016 @Poloniex

Market chatter

Get the hype and dirt on The Trollbox:

Ethereum by currency pair: % volume & marketshare
Bravenewcoin’s 24 hour volume report:

eth-by-currency-pair-bnc Data courtesy @BraveNewCoin

Bravenewcoin’s report shows ETHBTC with the commanding marketshare of 67.39% of all ether traded on worldwide exchanges. ETHCNY exceeds one quarter of all ether traded:

ETHBTC 67.39%
ETHCNY 28.89%
ETHEUR 2.23%
ETHUSD 1.34%

New York Spot Gold Bid
$1266.30 +20.50
Data courtesy

Ether 24 hour spot
Kraken US$ 7.43
Bitfinex US$ 7.42
Poloniex US$ 7.37 US$ 7.40
Data courtesy EthereumWisdom

$ETHBTC last price
Get an instant mobile friendly ether last price:

Ether is DOWN -1.09% on the day, -6.22% on the week and -40.21% on the month. The trend line is DOWN. ETHBTC saw weekly support at 0.0172 and weekly resistance at 0.0192. Market sentiment is neutral.

Past history is not an indicator of future performance. For the legal disclaimer read here.

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