Z/Yen’s Michael Mainelli Discusses MetroGnomo Blockchain JV with Alderney

Chain-Finance had the opportunity to ask Professor Michael Mainelli, Executive Chairman of Z/Yen, some questions about the London group’s blockchain technology joint venture with the Channel Island of Alderney, MetroGnomo.

The experimental timestamping service utilizes Z/Yen’s ChainZy mutual distributed ledger technology.

Is the MetroGnomo ledger a Z/Yen project and is Z/Yen the timestamping service provider?

MetroGnomo is a Z/Yen project, but if you wanted to list MetroGnomo separately under the States of Alderney and ChainZy under Z/Yen, that might help make things clearer, but MetroGnomo is a joint venture of Z/Yen and the States of Alderney. It’s a demo, as Alderney note – Alderney Press Release on Blockchain Trial – “Alderney seeks to become the leading centre for regulation and standards for mutual distributed ledgers.” – that they have stated they will run for five years to provide confidence.


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