CEX.IO Offers Buying & Selling Ethers with Bitcoin & USD

Following the volatility of Ethereum’s cryptocurrency – ether, CEX.IO has added buying and selling of ethers (ETH) with bitcoin and US dollars.

Oleksandr Lutskevych, CEO and Co-Founder of CEX.IO, commented:

“Ethereum is a unique and one of the most promising projects within blockchain industry. As the Ethereum market develops, we found it extremely important to support innovations and launch Ether trading on CEX.IO.”

At the moment of writing, the market capitalization of ETH at over $600 million is second only to bitcoin among cryptocurrencies. ETH average market price is about $8, many times higher than most alternative cryptocurrencies.

Ether is essential for developers who want to build apps using the Ethereum blockchain, as well as for users who are aiming to access and interact with smart contracts. Moreover, more and more professional traders consider using ETH volatility in their trading strategies.

CEX.IO is a UK-based bitcoin exchange established in 2013. CEX.IO claims to provide the best experience of buying bitcoins with credit cards and debit cards. The assertion is based on the exchange’s ideal conditions for quick and successful processing of card payments, the range of acceptable payment cards, and numerous positive feedback from users.

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