Infocast’s Blockchain World Congress to be Held in NYC in September

Networking event organiser Infocast’s Blockchain World Congress has been scheduled for September 13th and 14th in New York, NY. The event aims to bring together representatives from the financial sector, software developers, investors, regulators and lawyers for an in-depth look at blockchain technology and its role in the future global economy. Attendees will examine emerging opportunities such as reduced costs and transaction risks for financial institutions, as well as greater transparency across supply chains.

Attendees of the Blockchain World Congress will discuss the latest information on blockchain technology, examining emerging possibilities, potential uses, as well as the challenges facing mass adoption and establishing a regulatory framework. Attendees will also study the benefits of blockchain for companies across a wide range of industries, from banks, exchanges, traders and analysts to retail stores, utilities, agriculture and international trade.

Scalability and capacity concerns of blockchain are starting to be addressed, offering huge improvements over the original platforms. However, existing technology lags behind the levels needed for widespread adoption. The obstacles are significant, however, companies are discovering solutions both big and small on an ongoing basis.